How to help

Put a stop to it.

Put a stop to it.

Overpopulation, habitat loss and careless use of natural resources affect all life on earth. Buying exotic pets and goods made with animal products threaten the survival of many species.

Action at the individual and local level is the first step toward a global solution.
The decisions we make-as consumers, professionals, concerned citizens and parents-will affect the planet we pass on to future generations.

Use fewer recources:

  • Water - Turn the tap off when you brush your teeth

  • Power - Participate in Earth Hour and nominate electricity monitors for your house.

  • Oil - Don't buy bottled water every day (the bottles are made from petroleum), use a drink bottle and reuse it again & again.

  • Energy - When you buy new appliances look for the energy star. This certification gets revised periodically with more stringent standards, so keep fresh.

Barry's Response - Generally, here are things that cost less do so because they waste less. So think about your bottom line and in many cases you are selecting the most environmentally-friendly option as well.

There are many tricks for how to help care for our planet. We like things that are practical on many fronts, and this is a fine example. Thanks for these ideas.

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