by Sara

Example of Weather Widget

Example of Weather Widget

I usually check a weather website everyday before going out - but I have to confess I like my desktop widget the best. This site reads like a college level textbook on weather - all the info I don't want to know but have to read in order to fill out the study question.

It is nice to learn about different things - but this page is just a bit to dry for me. I would do it in more of a 'weather for dummies' format. I suppose even adults want big pictures and flashing words and tutorials.

If I had the time and the serious interest - beyond planning a family trip which is coming up to Canada - then I might enjoy this site. But it is boring and it still didn't tell me what the current temperature is. So I'm left scratching my head. Huh?

Isn't a weather site supposed to tell you what the current weather is? I likely won't use this site again because I can go to a Canadian news site and look up easier to read info. I might have come back here for the long term forecast info but I hate having to click on links that lead me to other pages with more pages and links I have to click on.

I guess I'm lazy. I hate having to do any work to get the info I want.

Barry's Response - Right you are, Sara. The whole Stuff in the Air website is primarily a research resource, aimed at (typically) a junior-high school student who needs background information for an assignment.

It's more than just weather

...but here's a quick introduction to what the StuffintheAir Website is about. We're exploring the wonders of weather in meteorology! Ever wonder why the sky changes colors or why it rains sometimes and then it's sunny? All the answers are in meteorology!

You could predict the weather like a detective. Meteorologists study the atmosphere, clouds, and everything else that makes up our weather. To gather information, they use weather balloons, satellites, and radar.

Every cloud has a story to tell, didn't you know? Every kind of cloud holds clues about the weather, from fluffy cumulus clouds to dark and stormy cumulonimbus clouds. Thunder rumbles and lightning flashes can even tell if a storm is coming.

But like I said, meteorology isn't just about predicting the weather. It's also about understanding how weather affects us. Ever wonder why we have seasons? How does the wind blow? All of that and more can be explained by meteorologists!

Think about exploring hurricanes, tornadoes, and blizzards. Learn how they form, how they move, and how to stay safe. There's always something new to discover in meteorology.

There are plenty of operational forecasting sites around and you can find links to many of them on these pages. They provide current information easily found using search engines and widgets (and broadcast media.) is a reliable one. Or you can just type something like this into Google "weather name of city".

If you love the outdoors and are curious about the weather, meteorology is the field for you!
Let's dive into the world of clouds, storms, and sunshine. Maybe one day you'll be on TV, giving weather forecasts and sharing your meteorological knowledge. Prepare for an amazing journey into the fascinating world of meteorology!

Search this site for more information now.

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by: Anonymous

I agree. I just want to know the temperature and if it is going to rain/show. I also appreciate a 5 day forecast. I added a weather section to my yahoo homepage and just look at that. Sometimes I use my widgets.

Great Article.
by: Anonymous

Its a great article on the global warming. It is very much interesting. I would like to write about advancement of natural facts. I would like to find the live weather information on the website.

From Barry - I would like to thank everyone for their input and ideas.

Weather Widget
by: Anonymous

Nice post and i also like the one on my pc.I liked your post.

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