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HVAC air

by Ron

Clean air in factory setting

Clean air in factory setting

We have a plant of about 200,000 sq. ft. We build about 800 fireplaces a day and have about 300 members working in the production area. Production area consist of abrication equipment, liquid paint system (wash systems, cure ovens) and assembly areas. Our air quailty is fair but we need to improve.

I am planning to dedicate (assign) an egineer to improve air quailty isses in the factory. I am looking for a procedure document/plan) of how to start recording information on current air quailty condition. Including all HVAC air equipment, exhaust fans, open doors, windows, building negative, positive, air pressure etc. If some one could give me some didection on this I would sure appreciated it.

Barry's Response - Ron:

It sounds like you're dealing with an indoor AQ problem, which is not my area of expertise. Since you plan on consulting with an engineer, hopefully one who works with HVAC design, I would expect his firm to be able to address all of these concerns. Alternatively, if he comes from within and does not specialize in this type of problem, he could be the one to liaise with an HVAC air consulting firm of this sort.

They are not hard to find with Google or your yellow pages. Look under "heating contractors" or "air conditioning contractors".

There is a section in this air pollution article on what, besides HVAC systems, affects your indoor air quality at home.

Search this site for more information now.

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by: Anonymous

It is nice to hear that people are trying to solve there problem and care about the environment.

Hvac systems
by: daggett

It's very important subject.If you look around very carefull you see hvac everywhere.It's not luxery it's need.Article is very good and very usefull information.

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