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I did really like the movie

A fine Piece of Celluloid

A fine Piece of Celluloid

This was a great film that did enlighten many people of the problems plaguing the environment we live in. We watched the movie in my Environmental Science class one day, and I must say, I cried while watching it. It was sad to see how drastically we have been influencing our world in such a negative way.

After seeing the movie, I decided to buy it, and did so to support the cause.

I have since tried my best to participate in all the world saving green movements, but I do think it has turned into a trend rather than a real attempt to make a positive difference.

Barry's Response - These comments refer to An Inconvenient Truth. The problem with a trend is it becomes yesterday's global warming fad. And this one may have already.

The science remains. Even if global warming turns out to be a minor issue, other facts support doing environmentally friendly things the GW crowd has recommended time and time again, for other, equally valid (or even more so) reasons.

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the title is quite interesting
by: Anonymous

my first impression in this article is that it is a movie not for the environment. but then it was for the environment. it is really interesting and it has to do with the unconditional truth. it talks about global warming. i want to explore many in this site about the green effect. and i want to find the green effect in this site.

by: Olivia

It is interesting to know about him.

by: krish

This web conent is some what use full for the viewers who want to know about the air quality

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