I did really like the movie

A fine Piece of Celluloid

A fine Piece of Celluloid

This was a great film that did enlighten many people of the problems plaguing the environment we live in. We watched the movie in my Environmental Science class one day, and I must say, I cried while watching it. It was sad to see how drastically we have been influencing our world in such a negative way.

After seeing the movie, I decided to buy it, and did so to support the cause.

I have since tried my best to participate in all the world saving green movements, but I do think it has turned into a trend rather than a real attempt to make a positive difference.

Barry's Response - These comments refer to An Inconvenient Truth. The problem with a trend is it becomes yesterday's global warming fad. And this one may have already.

The science remains. Even if global warming turns out to be a minor issue, other facts support doing environmentally friendly things the GW crowd has recommended time and time again, for other, equally valid (or even more so) reasons.

Search this site for more information now.

It's not necessary for a logical policymaker to oppose the statement outright.

It might be interesting to discuss this message with him if your stance on environmental issues has traditionally been more conservative, emphasizing market-based solutions.

I might appreciate the film's impact on raising awareness about environmental issues if I were responding to this statement. However, you might argue that addressing these issues requires a balanced approach that takes into account economic factors, job creation, and technological innovation.

The best statements would promote policies that foster environmental stewardship and economic growth at the same time. A lot of environmental problems can be solved with private-sector initiatives and technological advancements.

In essence, I agree with environmental awareness, but advocate for a more conservative approach to finding solutions.

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the title is quite interesting
by: Anonymous

my first impression in this article is that it is a movie not for the environment. but then it was for the environment. it is really interesting and it has to do with the unconditional truth. it talks about global warming. i want to explore many in this site about the green effect. and i want to find the green effect in this site.

From Barry - This article introduces a film about environmental issues, but turns out to be about what many believe to be the unconditional truth. It goes on to explain that the film's about the greenhouse effect, some of which is caused by human activities.

by: Olivia

It is interesting to know about him.

From Barry - In the fight against climate change, he advocates for renewable energy, reducing carbon emissions, and promoting sustainability. As well as writing books and speeches, he's raised awareness about environmental issues.

by: krish

This web conent is some what use full for the viewers who want to know about the air quality

From Barry - It helps you evaluate info on air quality and tips on reducing pollution. Links to more detailed websites are also provided.

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