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by Shannon
(Ohio, USA)

Global Seasons Change

Global Seasons Change

Watching An Inconvenient Truth was a deeply moving experience for me. Although I was already aware of global warming, I had no idea that conditions were as severe as Gore so vividly illustrates. All of us must keep pressuring our elected representatives to begin working on this problem in earnest--no more empty diplomatic gestures that come to nothing!

Barry's Response - Al Gore presented many ideas that students of environmental science, such as I, were already familiar with. The general public got their turn with this film and, therefore, it was a great service to society. Good on him.

Fancy lecture and graphical presentations aside, Gore aimed to present data. Real data with a real significance. We all know the message to some degree. Anthropogenic pollution, as he sees it, has resulted in more rapid wide scale environmental change than the scientific community knows about over thousands, even millions, of years. We, as a world, are to take that into stride when making future decisions.

Search this site for more information now.

Here are some thoughts to ponder.

I would respond to comments about An Inconvenient Truth by emphasizing the importance of rigorous scientific research, differentiating between individual actions and scientific consensus, and advocating for open and transparent discussions.

Scientific conclusions should be based on robust evidence and thorough research. Climate change isn't invalidated by cherry-picking isolated weather events over short periods, a thinker might say.

I could tell the difference between Al Gore's personal actions and the validity of scientific findings. An individual's lifestyle choices don't necessarily discredit climate change science.

I want to point out how complex climate science is: there are a lot of factors involved, and attributing climate change to one source is oversimplified. It might be better to have a more nuanced understanding of the science.

Political motives: some people, including politicians, have political agendas. In the end, one may argue that this shouldn't overshadow the broader scientific consensus on climate change after examining and thinking about it.

Use transparency in the scientific process and encouraging open debate among experts. Climate change discussions should involve considering various viewpoints and prioritizing empirical evidence.

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Comprehensive site
by: Anonymous

This site has a lot of genuinely useful information about weather and global warming. It's based on scientific fact, not hype or partisanship.

From Barry - It's run by a team of meteorologists and scientists who update it regularly with reliable data. In addition, we try to explain the science and data behind our findings, so users can make informed decisions.

Loved It
by: Anonymous

This is a very interesting article about Antarctica which makes me wonder why we are hearing about this now. I think that it is a great concern. All the other issues that where raised in this article

From Barry - Due to its harsh weather conditions, Antarctica is an isolated continent that's hard to get to. Also, it was hard to explore and investigate because of its remoteness and lack of resources.

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