I really loved Canada!

by Asmaa AlYousef
(Kuwait City)

Vancouver, BC

Vancouver, BC

Before going there, I thought it would be cold, the people are not friendly and I'd hate it overall because of what I heard about the deadly cold weather.

I went there in August, so yes I promise there is a summer in Canada! it was HOT, not really really hot but enough for a fan to be necessary.
It was warmer than I thought it would be, especially that I came from a very hot country (Kuwait) but i coped fine with it, liked the lovely breeze in the evenings.

That was in Vancouver though. I'd definitely love to live there. It is one of the most interesting cities I've ever seen. Have a look at this time-lapse video of the city.

I heard its snowing there these days. I think people are coping just fine with the 2 degrees, here in Kuwait its the same or even colder but of course minus the snow. We enjoy the cold with a nice hot cup of coffee and making sure the heater is plugged in. :)

Barry's Response - Very Good Asmaa:

Summer is a great time to visit anywhere in Canada. I haven't been to every province yet.

It's one thing to have 2° Celsius and snow in winter in Vancouver. -25° on the windy prairies is yet another. Experience it sometime.

Thank you for your input.

Search this site for more information now.

It is important to recognize that Canada is a vast country with diverse climatic regions when considering a city that represents the nation's climate.

Although Vancouver has a milder climate than many other parts of Canada, it doesn't always reflect the full range of weather conditions.

It's important to consider temperature, precipitation, and seasonal variations when choosing a city that best represents Canada's weather. You might think of Toronto, Montreal, or Ottawa because they have distinct seasons with hot summers and cold winters, as well as a lot of precipitation.

Even within these cities, weather patterns can vary by region. British Columbia's coastal regions, for example, have milder winters and more rainfall than inland areas.

Generally, Canada has long, cold winters and short, mild summers. Many parts of the country get snow, especially the north.

Ultimately, it's hard to pinpoint one city that perfectly represents all of Canada's weather. Due to the country's size and geography, different regions experience different climatic conditions.

Considering cities like Toronto, Montreal, or Ottawa might provide a broader perspective on Canadian weather than Vancouver. Calgary is definitely a contender. Calgary's climate is often associated with the Canadian prairies and has distinct seasonal variations.

Calgary has a humid continental climate with cold winters and warm summers. Temperatures can drop a lot in the winter, and snow is common. During winter, Chinook winds can also lead to rapid temperature changes and provide temporary relief from the cold.

Calgary has pleasant summer temperatures with occasional heat waves. In Calgary, rainfall is generally moderate, with more rain in the summer.

Calgary's climate, with its pronounced temperature changes and distinct seasons, is like many other Canadian prairie cities. Although Calgary doesn't represent all of Canada's weather patterns, it does provide insight into the unique climate in this part of the country.

Calgary's climate is influenced by its location in the prairie region, which makes it relatively dry and variable year round.

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From Barry - Readers might find up-to-date info on Canadian weather patterns and climate trends. We'll occasionally mention how to prepare for extreme weather conditions. Lastly, you'll likely find stories about Canadian communities adapting to climate change.

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by: Asmaa

Ha ha! -25!! Wow! Now that's really cold! I'm the kind of people who doesn't turn on the a/c in the middle of Kuwait's summer, and we are talking 50 degrees here so I don't think I'd survive!

From Barry - I'd rather wear a sweater and open the windows. Because of the cold, that's not always an option in Canada. You might want to stick with the Middle East.

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