I want to see my house to day 5/14/2009

by khadija
(130 chestnut st Colwyn, pa 19023)

Try this

Try this

I want to see my house to day on the satellite how I can get help? Murtaza Para

I like this site so much. everyday I watch my city in the map. thanx to Google.

Barry's Response
  1. Go to maps.google.com
  2. Enter your address and hit "search maps"
  3. A map should show with a red arrow pointing the location.
  4. Hit satellite, in a small box in the upper right corner
  5. You will see yours and the neighbouring streets.
  6. Click the blue plus sign underneath the little man in the upper left corner to get a little closer. You may do this several times.
  7. Once you get close enough, you should get a photograph of the street.
  8. Click the little arrows in the upper left to look around a bit.
  9. Have fun with this

You won't know when the photos were taken, but it won't be today, I'm sure.

You will notice: License plates on cars are blurred out and people's faces are also blurred out. People love the panoramic views of the streets and country highways it offers. There are even 3D features you can view if you have the right glasses. You can even see Google Street view in some places in the Canadian Arctic and Antarctica. How 'bout that.

Search this site for more information now.

The following are some general instructions I found online.

The best way to see a satellite photo of your house is to use an online mapping service or satellite imagery platform. How to do it step-by-step:

- Go to Google Earth's website or download the Google Earth app. With your home address in the search bar, the app zooms in on your house and shows you a satellite view.

- Google Maps: Visit the Google Maps website or download the app. Click the "Satellite" button after searching for your home address in the search bar. You'll see a satellite image of your house.

- Go to Bing Maps. Switch to "Bird's eye view" and enter your address. You'll get an aerial view of your house.

- Visit NASA Worldview (worldview.earthdata.nasa.gov). Satellite imagery is available on this platform. You can search for your house and explore various satellite images taken over time.

- Visit MapQuest's website or download the app. Use the search bar to find your house and switch to the "Satellite" view to see an overhead view.

Satellite images vary in detail depending on the location and provider. Consider the privacy implications when viewing images of private properties. Use these tools for legitimate purposes and within the boundaries of what's acceptable.

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Nice post
by: Anonymous

Nice post . keep up the good work!

From Barry - Thanks, we do what we can.

Looking at Canada
by: Charles from Texas

I have a new Girlfriend in Kingston. I can see her house from here by looking on Google. This is the most amazing thing to me to be able to see her neighbor hood and I feel closer to her because of that. I think it is pretty cool. I don't know if it is as real time as we would like but it is close enough.

From Barry - We've been able to stay connected with our loved ones thanks to technology. Even if we're far away, it can make us feel closer and keep in touch.

very very good
by: Murtaza Para

i like this site so much. everyday i watch my city in the map. thanx to google.

From Barry - It's easier than ever to navigate unfamiliar places with Google Maps. You can navigate any city with its detailed maps, satellite images, and street view. The easy-to-use interface and real-time traffic updates make it perfect for planning trips and avoiding traffic jams.

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