increasing air pollution

by prashant
(kaylan, india)

A source of air pollution

A source of air pollution

How we can control air pollution? What is the response for increasing air pollution

Barry's Response - Prashant:

Generally speaking, air pollution is a by-product of some other activity.

People and industries create it while transforming natural materials into products usable by the public. A big part of reducing it is through research, finding alternate methods of producing things to fill the same demand (including transportation) in a less polluting way. This is a long term process, requires initiative and great investment by many people and does not always appear worthwhile from the outset. Therefore we have increasing air pollution problems.

To improve these conditions, we usually determine what problems exist. Where does the pollution have its greatest impact? what is it composed of? What could be possible causes in that specific geographical area? Testing and monitoring provide data which leads to insights and answers.

If we can identify specific sources of air pollution, dispersion modelling helps us determine which of these has the greatest impact when there is more than one, what potential benefits we can gain from modifying any individual source (such as moving the release point) and whether it's worth it to change anything.

If changes are made, it's a good idea to follow up with further monitoring to see if the planned effects have actually taken place.

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by: Anni

It is true that the rate of air pollution is increasing day by day. We human beings are so rash and harsh to our environment that we are causing so much damage to it. The government should do something urgent to check this.

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