India Pride

by Indira Rana

Hidden Beauties Of India

Hidden Beauties Of India

The topography, terrain, climate and vegetation, of India bring out diversity that don't exist anywhere else. The people take pride in their forests. Especially the rainforests which belong in two regions: Arunachal Pradesh and Assam.

Once I visited to Arunachal Pradesh with my family. I found that the state is gifted with enormous wealth of wildlife and forested land. Centered about 28°N & 94°E, it covers about 83,743 square kilometres and it's the largest state among seven sisters in northeast India. It has lots of hills and mountains.

Clear-cutting has destroyed parts of these forests. Also known as clear-felling, this logging practice harvests all (or most) of the trees in a widespread area.

People manage the forests in this part of the world. Agroforestry is one way they do it. It allows mankind to use the forest without destroying it, if they keep conservation in mind. They are making progress with these strategies, but there is room for improvement. Communications amongst foresters, ecologists, community representatives, social scientists, and economists form a part of keeping things under control. And keeping the environment healthy.

Barry's Response - Sounds like a very nice place, as the photo you included reveals. I hope they do a good job of preserving it. Thanks for you input, Indira.

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beautiful india
by: vidhansiva

Very interesting and beautiful things in India. The imagery is beautiful. It makes just visit to that place and enjoy the beautiful place.

Beautiful natural picture
by: Anonymous

The picture is very amazingand also this is very nice neatural picture.It shows a clearcut idea about rainforest and environment protection.Thanks for your kind information.

All about forst
by: Anonymous

1. image is cool

Very Nice
by: Kattie

A beautiful picture and a nice article. It's very well written and enjoyable. It's one of the better articles I've read here for sure. Very informative.

I only recommend that you remove the commas because they're awkwardly placed. I believe it'll flow better simply without commas in most places. It's a better choice then trying to guess where the commas should go.

Beauty of Nature
by: avi

The picture is very amazing.It shows a clearcut idea about rainforest and environment protection.Thanks for your information.

by: smee

I like the beautiful picture. This site gives lot of awareness through the articles. It gives information about our nature and its preservation.
Thank you...

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