Interesting Weather Facts

by Sarah
(Winston Salem, NC)

The Storm Chasing Crew

The Storm Chasing Crew

Twister is a great movie that is both fun and informational. I think that people of all ages can enjoy the action in the movie, but also get a taste of what real storm chasers do. This movie is really able to capture the ferocity of a Tornado, and maybe help people to realize that these are things that need to be respected.

As far as the article relating to the movie, I think the article is interesting but could use a little work in that area. I saw very little of the terms that are defined in Twister. For example, a little more about the levels of the Tornados would be nice. I do remember a few times where they talked about convergence in the movie, however.

The article on this page is full of information and just about the right length. I think it could be tweaked to accommodate the movie more if that is your goal. If you are just giving an example of a storm related movie, than the website is fine the way it is. All in all, I think this is well done, fun, and informational. You certainly can't beat the movie Twister either.

Barry's Response - Thanks Sarah. I thought the film was fun as well. Basically, it's about identifying and tracking storms on the weather map (the way meteorologists use vorticity weather map symbols) and Twister is an example of the fun you can have.

Search this site for more information now.

Looks like we've got a Twister aficionado here!

You've heard of Twister, right? This is a classic. With a side of meteorology education, it's like a rollercoaster ride through the heartland. Who knew chasing tornadoes could be so fun?

Regarding the article, you're right; it's like when you're at the snack bar and they forgot to put extra cheese on your nachos - a little tweaking wouldn't hurt. You could sprinkle in some tornado terminology, like EF scales and wall clouds.

Hey, we're not here to pick apart articles; we're here to watch stormy movies. Twister makes you respect Mother Nature's power. I'm glad you enjoyed the tornado-chasing adventure. If anyone ever offers you a spot on a storm-chasing team, just remember there's no popcorn in tornadoes - stay safe!

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nice movie
by: Anonymous

it is one of my best movies,describe some good examples of natural disaster like in movie there is tornado ....and nice photography and presentation of movie...

From Barry - The movie did a great job showing how chaos and destruction can result from a natural disaster. The tornado scene was especially effective, showing the power and strength of the storm as well as its destruction. Also impressive was the photography and presentation, with vivid colors and sharp details.

Twister as an example
by: Anonymous

I think the movie Twister was just meant to be an example and that's why there wasn't a lot of detail specifically about it. Sure was a good movie, and a good reference point for people interested in tornadoes and tracking! Who could forget the airborne cow?!

From Barry - Twister was more of an introduction to tornadoes and tracking than an in-depth exploration. The cow scene was meant to show how tornadoes can toss around big things, as well as showing how dangerous and difficult it can be to track tornadoes.

Loved Twister
by: Anonymous

I love weather and storm chasing. The movie twister is one of favorite movies. Although the article was about storm chasing, The movie Twister does deal with this.

From Barry - Twister follows a team of storm chasers trying to predict the path of a supercell storm. Fans of storm chasing love the movie because it accurately portrays the danger and thrill of storm chasing.

Twister Review
by: AnitaJay52

Not having read the subject article, all I can do is second the desire to have more detail related to classification of tornadoes. There was some explanation in the movie - I remember something about Helen Hunt's family being affected by an F5 storm - but that's about the extent of my knowledge. I think the entire field is fascinating and well deserving of additional funding in these lean times.

From Barry - The classification of tornadoes isn't as accurate as it could be due to a lack of funding. Lack of funding led to the development of the Enhanced Fujita Scale, which classifies tornadoes based on their wind speed and damage. Better tornado classification means better forecasts and warnings, and better prepared people for any potential disasters.

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