internet and the environment

by Chris

Infographic by WordStream Internet Marketing Software

Barry's Response - Thank you Chris for this infographic. My readers will find it quite interesting indeed. This includes the effects of reducing energy wasted through commuting, which is slightly balanced by the carbon emissions generated by Google and other web servers. Even if you take the wasteful practices of spam and online addictions in account, the web is a GOOD deal, energy-wise.

Here, I summarize it in greater detail now.

How does using the internet change the climate? Does it give us higher CO2 emissions and is that worth it?

With two billion users online, most of which are still in North America, we could expect to see some changes in the character of our emissions. Predictions hypothesize that the whole world could be using the world wide web in just a few years, if that not taken place already.

Well, going online is a relatively efficient use of electrical energy at least, and today's devices get smaller and smaller, using less electricity with each new generation of technology.

The bottom line is that energy use has dropped substantially, as the statistics show. Especially when compared to car traffic. Imagine if it were to enable all of us to telecommute instead of driving every day.

Best thing since sliced bread? Maybe. Its emissions are not zero, though and there is a lot of activity. It gets worse when that activity is used for wasteful efforts, such as sending and receiving spam and scams. Overusing the net in an addictive way also wastes resources, so its good to keep a tab on things.

Still, from an emissions point of view, the net effect appears positive.

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Internet's mission is to empower the global movement for environmental servival by providing information portal services, expert analysis and action opportunities that aid in the protection of climate, forest, water and ocean ecosystems; and to commence the age of ecological sustainability and ecosystem restoration.

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