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irresponsible people causes environmental destruction

by elaine
(davao city, philippines)

A slightly altered environment

A slightly altered environment

I am really disappointed of what was happening to our environment. without even thinking what effect will it give to the environment. only their personal interest are being considered. instead of continuously distructibg the environment, better if we find ways to save it.

it's for our future generations. save life. save the environment. it's for the benefit of all.

Barry's Response - Some will view it at the cost of progress, Elaine. Others will consider it a terrible price to pay.

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Say What?
by: Anonymous

Although there may be strong feelings backing this, the article itself is illegible. The grammatical and spelling errors make it impossible to even understand the point of the post. Although I suppose the article is relevant to ranting about the environment, there is no relation to weather itself. An article that was written so very poorly reflects negatively upon the site, making me want to close the browser, not look at what other information may be available. I suppose if I were to search for something on this site, it would be within the realms of global warming and proof of.

Half Right
by: Erato

The article was well thought out but maybe incomplete (due to space constraints). This certainly isn't a piece of hard-hitting journalism but the passion from the writer is evident!

good idea - need help on presentation
by: cangel

Although the sentiment is nice, the presentation is poor. The poor grammar and spelling deglect from the intent.
Even though the blog had to do with helping the environment and protecting it, the presentation was poor.
I would like to continue exploring this web. The basic blog obout human interaction with the environment was well written. I would hope that the responses are more substantial.

yes, but what was the point of this article?
by: hunksjunk

This "article" was a bit of a waste of time. I hate to say that seeing as I fully agree with the message(s) of this article and the website here in general. However, this article had numerous spelling errors and perhaps even some grammatical errors that made it difficult to read.

Plus, what was the point? It seemed more like one of these web comments rather than an informative piece. I think it had a worthwhile message, but that message is already out there in several other places and it is put much more elegantly.

I say, strike this article from the website and focus on expanding some of the better short articles like the plastic bag one.

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