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by Amber

Spielberg (with Crichton)

Spielberg (with Crichton)

My first impression was that the movie was very good. It was interesting, but the science was bad. The science, which was somewhat explained here, was not true. This is a great website for homework help, and when I am bored. I can find info about humidity, barometers, and more.

Barry's Response - It would be hard to write good fiction that didn't "twist" the scientific facts a little. Even good documentaries like An Inconvenient Truth aren't perfect. It was more about entertainment than anything else.

According to Amazon's Internet Movie Database at, here are the ten best storm chasing movies, TV shows, and videos:
  1. Tornado Video Classics (documentary) - The Ultimate Tornado Experience
  2. Nova (documentary Episode: Hunt for the Supertwister)

  3. Nova (documentary Episode: Deadliest Tornadoes)

  4. Storm Chasers (documentary) - Psychological effects of storm chasing

  5. Weather Diary 3 (documentary)

  6. MythBusters (documentary Episode: Storm Chasing Myths) - A wind test & an airplane

  7. Twister (1996) - The Beautiful yet Destructive side to life

  8. Stormchasers (documentary) - Let's fly into a hurricane

  9. Tornado Alley (documentary) - Use a fancy vehicle for
    chasing tornadoes

Search this site for more information now.

While Mark Smith played an important role in the creation of "Twister," director Jan de Bont and writer Michael Crichton were the film's primary creative forces.

Smith's contribution was visual design, helping bring the tornadoes and storm-chasing elements to life.

When it comes to the science in "Twister," keep in mind that it's a Hollywood blockbuster, not a scientific documentary. Despite consulting with meteorologists and storm chasers, the movie took creative liberties to enhance its dramatic impact. Due to this, some of the science portrayed in the movie might not be accurate.

"Twister" was made to provide a thrilling and exciting cinematic experience centered around tornadoes and storm chasing, with more emphasis on suspense and action than scientific accuracy. Rather than serving as a strictly educational tool, it was meant to entertain audiences and transport them into a world of cinematic adventure.

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