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It was just alright

by Cloei
(San Diego)

Impact of Global Warming

Impact of Global Warming

At the time I originally saw the movie An Inconvenient Truth, I was appalled at what had become of the earth, from the increase on CO2 in the ice, to melting ice caps and drowning polar bears. I must say now, however, several years later, I am apathetic to the film.

Why does Al Gore fly around in HIS PRIVATE JET wasting fuel to talk about the environment? Why not take a train? or something more fuel efficient? I have read about the research going into genetically fart-less cows (yes, fart-less cows), but wouldn't it be easier just not to eat them and be a vegan? Al Gore isn't.
When you eat a piece of corn, you get 100% of the value of that corn. When you eat a cow, you only get 10% of the value of the corn it ate.

I found the review of this film simple in that the author doesn't or couldn't make long or interesting sentences. The sentences are short and simple minded. They are of a less than professional quality. It was just alright.

I would not explore this website further. I have a wide screen monitor, and this website was only formatted for a standard screen. On my screen, everything is squished to the left.

Barry's Response - The film, like this website, is designed to appeal to a broad set of members in the each potential audience. That has enabled both to become great successes. More power to Gore; it worked for him. He voiced these scientific principles to a public who were completely unaware of them, and we are now seeing some benefits from that action.

Thank you, Cloei, for bringing this point out of me.

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everything was too good

Apathy is not an option
by: Bentham

If you object to Al Gore using a jet to get around then tell him. You could suggest he use scheduled commercial flights to reduce his carbon footprint. Personally, I think he should stay in one place and webcast a lot.

The whole argument about cows and veganism is a red herring. Vegan farming can be just as energy intensive as carnivorous farming. It is not the end product but how you get there. And, apathy gets you nowhere.

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