It's getting hot in here

by Beth

I seriously do not understand those who claim global warming doesn't exist. There are a plethora of facts, studies, and data available proving that global warming is indeed happening and is going to continue unless drastic measures are taken.

I have heard people complain about all the "go green" we see this year. Since when was taking care of our provider a bad thing? I don't care if your tree hugging hippie who doesn't wash because you believe there are toxins in the soap, you're at least trying your best to do your part.

I am not aware of any planet that can house our population in the near future so taking care of this one is a major priority. Just because our generation may not see the demise of it doesn't mean we shouldn't preserve it for the future.

And just what about all the massive natural disasters we have had in the past several years? I guess some people would rather blame them on a battle between Zeus and Poseidon. The fanfare just happens to be meeting and shooting off in all directions, thus causing massive destruction.

Not only does scientific data back up global warming, but it makes logical sense. We have been told about the atmosphere and ozone since were were children in grammar school. I guess some people didn't pay attention....

Barry's Response - Beth. There is some truth in what you have to say. Other points of view exist, though, and it might be helpful to find out why.

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