What the figure says:

Usual Warming - The earth has always been kept warm by the greenhouse effect. That atmosphere always has carbon dioxide and other special gases that help the air trap heat like a green house. That's why they call it the "greenhouse effect."

Enhanced Warming - When the amount of greenhouse gasses increases, the warming effect becomes stronger. The right side of the globe above shows how the long term effects of the industrial revolution and its emissions have changed the reflection pattern as shown.

Barry's Response - Thanks (mystery person) for this diagram. It shows other readers how GHG's work. Think I'll buy some beach front property on Hudson Bay soon.

People fear the effects of the millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide (and equivalent). They think that the 30 or so percent increase in total atmospheric concentrations of this one gas alone shall lead to a significant rise in the global atmospheric average temperature. Where does it come from? Burning oil and coal. That's the simple version in a nutshell.

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