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learn about air quality

Schools + air = :)

Schools + air = :)

I think kids should learn more about this in their s.o.s.e lesson because it is an important thing to learn about so our ozone layer. If we learn about it might save some years later on.

Barry's Response - I hope they are already learning about environment and air quality issues in general. Both social studies and science classes should cover these topics in sufficient detail for students to understand current and potential issues. And then become citizens empowered to do something about changing them.

SOSE, Studies of Society and Environment (usually), is the subject previous generations referred to as Social Studies in some educational systems. Here we interest ourselves in the interactions between individuals, social groups and societies, people and the environment and our behaviours in these contexts.

We often see environmental sciences and geography grouped together in this context. How do people use their land and the associated resources? This may include the sub-sciences of cartography (producing maps), history, and even meteorology.

Related output includes urban planning, GIS and GPS databases, social / geographical statistics, to name a few. Collectively this group of disciplines can be referred to as human geography as well.

Many of my environmental projects, such as EIA's incorporate many disciplines and this falls under Environmental Social Science. It can include socio-economic impacts of the subject proposals in addition to historical / archeological resources and physical environment studies.

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Do you have concerns about air pollution in your area??

Perhaps modelling air pollution will provide the answers to your question.

That is what I do on a full-time basis.  Find out if it is necessary for your project.

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