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lets be a little more primitive

by Andrew Yomiki Shylla
(Shillong, Meghalaya, India.)



if we look back we can see when the world was still in my great great grandparents age it was cool..... now with the advent of technology everything is now like one of man's invention.... we were once on ice then sun rays .... now we were on a heater then in an oven and now we are in a microwave lol.....

at the rate the global heat is reaching we would definitely overtake that invention too.... the world would be a roast turkey within seconds faster than a microwave would cook that.... yes we will adapt but evolution would not be as fast as the rate the world is experiencing that change.....

even the world would need a break otherwise it might just give up some day... and its up to us to lend a hand to it... not for us... but for the planet we reside in.. it supported life... now its our turn to support it...

yes it seems difficult but when the planet could give us drops by drops of water to form the water bodies how about a drop of help from each one of us... it would definitely become an ocean of great help to it... try by being a little primitive...

Barry's Response - Think globally act locally. There are a number of things you and those immediately around you can do to contribute your part towards the solution you desire. You can find them all over the web. See which ones work for you.

An interesting philosophical way of looking at our interactions with nature. Anybody have a good spin on this? What do you think of Climate Change, for instance.

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