lets save the planet we call earth!:)

Thanks for the traffic

Thanks for the traffic

I think water pollution should be stopped. Let's all join in to stop not just water pollution, but all kinds of pollution. We all want to live right-well, but if we don't pitch in to stop pollution, we will all end up dying. Do you want to die - I don't think so. So, let's all pitch in a save the wonderful planet we call home:) ok?

Barry's Response - It can never hurt to take care of the place where we live. The place that supports us and nurtures us.

We all need potable water to live, right? Water save for drinking with minimized risk of harm is essential. This good-quality water is often used for non-consumption purposes including showers, toilets, irrigation and cooking. When a developing country has human health issues to address, they usually place adequate drinking water at the top of their priority list.

Good water also supplies us with nutrient minerals. These include magnesium, potassium, iron, potassium, selenium, zinc, calcium, iodine and sodium. Others may be present, but could be removed. And leave behind too much sodium, though.

People need freshwater, as seawater is not good for drinking. Where do they get it from? Groundwater, rain, snowmelt, rivers, streams, plants and seawater desalination are just a few.

Most of also want and get treated water, where solids, pathogens and chemicals are moved and others, such as chlorine, added to keep it fresh.

One thing that helps us better use our ecological systems is knowledge...

Start by searching StuffintheAir.com for in-depth knowledge of the atmosphere and how others feel about taking care of it. Right here...Search this site for more pollution information now.

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by: Keron

I think during traffic jams a lot of polluted smokes are exhausted to the atmosphere and it leads to air pollution. So it is very necessary to reduce this kind of traffic jams and try to reduce the level of air pollution.

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