Looking Ahead

by Annonymous

A nice country drive

A nice country drive

Hello , I'm thirteen and I recognize that I am part of the future. Adults will most likely be gone before the major effects of global warming finally set in. But I am the generation of the future. I will have to deal with all this nonsense.

Sure it would be great to not have to think about that , although this situation is becoming more of a threat everyday. I want to help everyone and although plenty of people say how kids can also make a difference, it's harder for us.

Sure we can eat our veggies, walk instead of getting a ride, etc., but we can't stop you adults from driving around for pointless reasons. I know for a fact that there are more kids that walk instead of drive. And that may be because we can't just grab the car, it was also be because we are younger and therefore have more energy.

Whatever the reason, it is not an excuse. I want this to stop. I don't want to go before my time because of silly mistake and obvious defects that happened in my childhood.

So please, help my generation and cut back on your driving, flying, waste, etc.

Barry's Response - With the advent of the internet and its peripheral services such as product delivery, we should slowly find that more and more of our needs could be met with less driving. One would hope that's the case anyway.

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You have been duped into believing a lie
by: Anonymous

This is the coldest winter for over a century and there is much more to come. We are not entering into global warming, just the opposite, it is going to get colder, much colder.
Then Al Gores of this world are not interested in saving the planet, they are lining their pockets with money, our money. Sure there is no harm in saving energy because it will come to an end one day, however that is not the real reason to stop.
They have lied to you about CO2, it is not a polutant, it is used by plants to grow and produce O2. All commercial green houses have CO2 generators that bring the CO2 levels up and over 1000 PPM from our current 385 ppm. With higher CO2 levels comes higher O2 levels and that is a good thing.Instead of the current idea lets fight polution instead, lets get the major cities to stop dumping human waste into the oceans. If you really want to help, stop recycling as it contributes to huge waste of time and money. In our town, it costs over $4,000.00 a ton to recycle paper and tins and they sell it for $28.00 per ton. All the extra trucks and fuel just to lose lots of money. Yes there is a lot we can do to make things better but forget global warming it is a scam.

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