looking for clean environment

by venkatraman s.k
(chennai, Tamilnadu, India)

Clean water for many purposes

Clean water for many purposes

Nowadays there is now way that we can see or feel for pure or clean environment. For instance: pure drinking water, where is it? Can we get pure drinking water?

Answer to all these questions lies with the environment.

For pure water or air we need pure environment and mainly we must stop pollution or at least reduce it. Once we fight to keep a clean environment we naturally win pure air and water. Nowadays, we are forced to convert sea water to drinking water just because we are simply not able to find pure water to drink...just because the environment in which we are living is not good enough.

The reason is simply we people only, so we must learn to keep our environment clean in order to get pure air and water.

Barry's Response - You're right, Venkatraman. We need good clean water for many uses, including human consumption.

What's the most common way to clean water? The point here is to remove dirt, chemicals and microbes from it to make it safe and pleasurable to drink.

Three most common methods of removing these things are sedimentation (letting gravity settle out the heavier particles), filtering (which removes a lot of stuff, but not everything, usually) and evaporation/recondensation (which gives the purest product, usually, but takes the greatest amount of energy).

Nature employs all three, and so does mankind.

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