Love the weather

by Bobby Pine

Steady Even Snow Cover

Steady Even Snow Cover

Tornados have been becoming more of a problem for the entire southern US and the north border over to the north east. Hurricane Katrina reached all the way to Tennessee we had 60-80 mph winds and it did some damage as well.

I love all weather but I'm more into snow and cold and the first chance I get to move to a cold snowy climate, I'll be there ready. I come from New York and left when I was 16 and missed out on all the snow while living down here in Tennessee.

We never get that big snow here; it somehow always misses us or we stay on the warmer side of the storm and it rains with the back end turning into a quick small snow of 1/4"-1". But some how Atlanta Georgia and all surrounding areas get all snow it's weird how the plateau to the west and the Appalachians to the east really give us the crap end of the storms.

We have been getting more and more tornadoes the past 5 years and the spring/summer and fall are becoming more frightening when severe weather comes through. I've personally seen 2 tornadoes myself more than what I seen when I lived in Oklahoma for 4 years. I think because of the information age is just bringing us closer to each others problems and it's making it look like the weather is out of control while it's just every year normal conditions.

While the climate warms because of the pollution the storms will become worse and we will exceed previous storm totals. Exciting for people like me who are all about mother earth and her weather. Sunny days suck, I get cabin fever in the summer and can't wait 'til winter. It's hot in east Tennessee for 6-8 months of the year and mild the rest leaving about 2 weeks of winter.

Barry's Response - A lot of Canadians would envy you, Bobby.

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Now what if it were me telling this story?

Let me tell you something!

This weather craziness is going on down here in the South, and I gotta say, it's more unpredictable than a possum playing poker! Mother Nature's been throwing a real shindig, and we're just trying to keep up!

I love me some weather, but I'm not talking about the hot, sweaty stuff - I'm all about the snow. When I moved to Tennessee, I missed all those snowy winters. This is a place where snow is about as common as chickens wearing cowboy boots.

We always get the short end of the stick when those big snowstorms come through. Atlanta and the surrounding areas are like snow magnets - they get all the white stuff, and we get a dusting. We're getting shafted by the weather.

Let's talk tornadoes! In the past few years, we've seen more twisters than you can shake a stick at. That's more tornado action than I ever saw in my four years up in Oklahoma - and they're famous for tornadoes up there!

People say it's because of this information age, making us all aware of each other's problems. However, the weather's been acting like it's had a few too many moonshines. We're in for some wild rides with this whole climate warming thing causing more commotion.

For those of us who just can't get enough of Mother Earth's weather antics, it's exciting times. Are there any sunny days? No thanks, I'd rather have blizzards and cold snaps. It's hotter than a pepper sprout in East Tennessee most of the year, and I'm counting down the days until winter. Let's hope we get a good snowstorm this year - I'll be building a snowman first!

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