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Animals potentially affected by global warming

Animals potentially affected by global warming

During the past century, the earth's surface temperature has gone up by nearly a full degrees centigrade.

Barry's Response - Big Deal? Maybe, we've seen quite a few environmental disasters and MIGHT be able to blame it on global warming.

Nobody knows for sure what it will mean. Except that it has become warmer at times (and cooler at other places and times by the way) and many will blame greenhouse gases. Climate change and global warming have gone hand-in-hand.

Could global warming be blamed for recent plant and animal extinctions? Maybe. It's never trivial assigning causation for any event of this sort.

Species have been known to fail to adapt to changes in their surroundings, and recent extinctions should be no exception. On the other hand, species have appeared and disappeared throughout the history of time and when extinctions occur, that can be considered quite normal.

The earth (along with its natural environments) is a dynamic place; we cannot, nor should we try to, alter that fact.

If it's hard data you're looking for: Check out - under "more" it extrapolates measured data to come up with a rate of global warming based on the stations selected, following user-specified credentials. If I select all of the world's available stations in their database from 1949 to 2011, with:

  • at least ten years of good data,
  • and missing no more than 100 hours in each of those years,
the extrapolation produces a rate of temperature increase of 1.6°C per century. The calculation used data from 754 stations. That is significant.

Thanks for your concern and the graphics you included.

Search this site for more information now.


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its good
by: Hugh Jameson

Many natural species adapt and even mutate due to changes in the environment, but several fail to achieve a new symbiosis with the current habitat. They die out, sometimes completely, and it’s only then that we realize how fragile their place was in the specific ecological niche.

global warming
by: Anonymous

7000 years ago the sharia desert was grass lands. Things change with time and so does the temperature and we have no control over it.

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