malaysia needs our help

by Sophie Campbell

No Swimming!

No Swimming!

Hi, my name is Sophie Campbell, and I'm a year seven from Craigmore South Primary School.

Recently I have been doing a project on the water pollution in Malaysia.

It is terrible, there is a scarce amount of fresh water for tribal groups in Malaysia and they depend on that river supply to live. They use it for crops, bathing, drinking, and for the animals who live in the water.

Due to the construction around a lot of Malaysia's rivers, the surrounding soil has no tree roots to hold on to, so when it rains it wears down by erosion and ends up in the river, which causes it to become all dirty and disgusting. The fish and things in the water die and the drinking water is disgusting, and you wouldn't want to bathe in it. The water is also getting polluted by industries dumping waste in Malaysia's waters and it's washing into the rivers.

I don't think this should go on; I'm sure that you wouldn't want this to happen to your water supply.

Sophie Campbell.

Barry's Response - Sophie, you have a real concern here.

I hope you and this country can do something about this.

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by: Jenis

Yeah it is true that you have said. I know that in Malaysia, the tribal groups are not getting sufficient pure water for their needs. It's terrible to hear that they have been using the polluted river water for their daily needs including to drink and cooking food. Malaysian government has exceeded the time limit to act up on this situation.

by: Anonymous

Thank you for your concern Sophie. I would like to make some updates on Malaysia. There are no tribal groups in Malaysia. We are made up of three main races which are the Malays, Chinese and Indians. There are still some 'orang asli' (or natives) staying in very remote areas in Malaysia, which is very far away from development, thus not exposed to pollution.

We have an abundant supply of fresh water, and the authorities have taken stern actions on those who pollute. Factories clean up the water for aeration, thus putting back clean water into the rivers. I would not deny that there are still people who are still irresponsible and pollute the environment, but don't worry; the environment here is generally clean.

Make a trip to Malaysia if you are able to. We have lots of tourists here. Beautiful beaches, clean rivers, waterfalls, and of course, wonderful foods.

Something should be done
by: Anonymous

This is really very scary and the authorities should do aomething about it.

Good Job
by: Terri

Good job Sophie! We need more awareness when it comes to unhealthy water in countries that need help.

What can be done?
by: Christine

If there are no laws or rules regarding the dumping of waste in the Malaysian waters, then maybe people could get together and work to convince the government that dumping laws should be implemented. And it would be great if someone could organize volunteers to plant some deep-root trees that would help the soil stick better to prevent erosion. I think there's a lot of opportunity for environmental groups to get involved!

It'd be great to see a follow-up on things that organizations are doing to help Malaysia with their water pollution issues.

Great Article
by: Anita

I completely agree - all dirty and disgusting water. The fish and other living beings in the water die, and the drinking water gets disgusting.

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