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Math at every step of life

by Jahnabi Das
(Durgapur, WB, India)

Math Game

Math Game

Mathematics is such a nice thing that all of us use it in every step of our life whether we learn it at school or not. While walking, jumping, cooking, playing, driving, riding a bicycle or doing any activity, we are using mental calculations all the time, may be unconsciously. Anyone who has sound knowledge of math can do well in any other subjects.

In our place in India mostly, metric system is used except for length measurement where inches and feet are most commonly used. To convert inches to centimeter, to get a rough estimate, we multiply it 2 and add half of it to the result. For example, 5 inches equals (5 X 2) + 2.5 = 12.5 cm (approx.).

There are so many good games available in the internet to learn mathematics for kids. Below is a few links for kids to have fun with math:




Barry's Response - That is a decent approximation for this metric conversion, Jahnabi. Thank you.

Originally the conversion factor was 2.54000508 cm to a inch, but at some point the inch was redefined so that it is now exactly 2.54 cm.

I hope my visitors (and their children) have Search this site for fun learning with the math drills given in the links above. Cut-and-paste into your browser address bar and see how they work for you.

Search this site for more math information now.

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Speed Math/Arithmetic games
by: CandyMath

If you're interested in speed math/arithmetic games, you can try out www.candymath.com

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