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Math's Pluses and Minuses

by Melissa
(Talladega, AL, US)

Hypercube math problem

Hypercube math problem

Well, math helps with a lot of things. For instance, it helps a mind more able to solve problems if it can convert a problem into a math problem. Different aspects of the variable become the numbers and the processes become the equation itself. Sometimes, processing a problem in my mind as a math problem helps me not only come up with a definite solution, but it also helps me come up with all probabilities of possible answers to said problem.

At the same time, some of the math used in the world today is entirely too much. It is not often that you see the quadratic formula in a fast food restaurant or running your own business. I can do these formulas now without thinking, but not once have I seen it used in every day life.

So the way I see it, math is useful in some ways, but I do not see a use for more complicated formulas in everyday life.

Barry's Response - Not only that, Melissa. Mathematics can also be fun. Learning math also build up a basic form of the type of structured and logical thinking that we need to get by in this modern life. It's one of many. Others include the ability to communicate by writing and speaking, handle money strategically and to relate to people, of course.

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