Mental Health is a subset of Environmental Health

by Shaikh Abdullah
(Karachi, Pakistan)

My Story My name is Shaikh Abdullah. Having Master Degree in Physics, Training in Meteorology and forecasting, Training in some RS and GIS software, Good handler of CHARM (Chemical Hazardous Air Release Model) a air Modeling Dispersion Software along with METINTER (Meteorological Interface) as well as well versed with WEATHERPAK MTR a portable Remote Weather Station.

Well versed with GOOGLE EARTH and GOOGLE MAPs. Having good knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Macromedia Free hand along with RedHat Linux enterprise Edition, Windows, MS Office, Networking and Computer Hardware.

Looking for a job in Modeling related work.

Barry's Response - Maybe you should try your hand at sites like,, or if you like writing. Also for odd jobs that could eventually generate meaningful leads for you.

These could enable you to work for USA employers or clients without having to leave Pakistan if that's what you desire.

Just an idea.

Environmental, health and safety is a specialized area of many major corporations and government organizations, in which professionals like you and I find meaningful employment. We serve as consultants providing expert technical advice to the policy makers on how to conduct new projects and modify existing processes and infrastructures in such a way that safety is observed and threats reduced.

In my case, I use existing government regulatory documents as my advising guidelines but apply my scientific background, also in physics and meteorology, in devising methods of implementation and evaluating potential harms and benefits of anticipated changes.

I provide links and opportunities on this website for you to find a little more detail about these specialities. Use them in conjunction with more general employment-related resources (online and off) to meet your needs. Examples include

You could also consider designing a relevant website to display and build on your expertise, the way I have.

Search this site for more career-related information now.

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