metric conversion:now not a hard task

by Priyanka S Bhole

Metric conversion chart

Metric conversion chart

Yes ya....the conversions shown above are accurate and are east to grasp for students as the pictographic form is given apart from this. if all the conversions would have been given in the format of charts then it would have been more useful.

Yes, and young children can easily understand this type of view. It's very nice and will be helpful for them for doing their projects.

I have one chart in which all the pictographic format of this conversions is shown.

Barry's Response - This handy metric conversion chart will provide users with the everyday conversions they need. Thank you Priyanda.

How to make using the system easier.

1) Understand that it is very simple with easy decimal-based math.

2) Set learning and using goals

3) Connect metric measurements with reality so people are properly grounded.

4) Keep language, associated with these measurements, easily understandable

5) Start with the most important prefixes, the ones that multiply by multiples of a thousand. They include kilo, mega, giga, tera and a few larger ones. Fractional ones are milli, micro, nano and continuing smaller. After those basic seven, you can add deci, centi and hecto if necessary. Then the extremely small and large ones only if needed (I don't even know them all).

6) KISS (keep it simple, silly!)

7) Remember this is a system, designed as such. Previous measurements were assembled in an ad-hoc fashion at best.

8) Find good rules of thumb and use them right from the outset.

9) Take your time, it's not complicated but still takes some "getting used to."

10) It's simple enough to learn, with a bit of effort, even though you have been using old measurements all your life.

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