Model of : Internal organs of a frog

Frog Sketch

Frog Sketch

After studying the internal organs of the frog in biology class I decided to make it into a project. I basically created the shape of the frog using the back of a carpet which looked very much like the frog skin, I use modeling clay and created all the main organs i.e. heart, lungs, digestive system etc. and used a small decorative fountain sets small motor and with the help of some clear tubes also duplicate the blood running through the veins and arteries.

I used both blue and red ink to differentiate the vein and arteries in the tubes, and with the help of the small motor the blood. The whole effect was very nice and I actually won the first prize. The model 'til this day is showcased in my school and now used for teaching purposes too.

My sister and her classmate actually did a environment related project where they showed a model and the kinds of pollutions and its effects, they created a small motor to replicate wind and smoke being circulated in it. This one also won a prize in its own category.

I would be very interested in helping my kids take interest in science and create their own projects for school, especially about the environment.

Barry's Response - 1) Hope your frog wasn't Kermit. 2) Environmental science has a very strong future, as far as career opportunities are concerned. Good idea.

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by: Anonymous

I remember having to cut open a frog in my science class. It was not very fun. It was interesting reading the article on it though.

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