More Rain Forests

Lush green Jungle

Lush green Jungle

I have never seen something like that before. I can not believe that picture.

We need to save our rain forests. We need to set up a system to start saving them. Maybe try replenishing them and getting scientists and other people out to help save the rain forest.

They are precious to us and don't need to be destroyed. They need to be saved.

We need to make a change.

Barry's Response - They are a precious resource, aren't they? Thanks for the photo.

Tropical rainforests need to be protected for the entire world including the indigenous peoples in those parts of the world. The destruction of their environments leads to serious degradation of their viability and quality of life. Their rights need to be defended.

If they were granted control over the land, chances are it would be treated with greater stewardship, I suspect. In fact, there is data that supports this notion. Seek out an article entitled, "Indigenous Conservation Strategy Stops Amazon Deforestation" for more background.

Ecotourism is one of the methods people of these regions used to educate the rest of the world of their situation(s). Often conservation professionals can learn more about the forest and the environment of the region from the people native to the land than through research of their own.

We know that there are good reasons for preserving these forests - food, medicine and spice industry, oxygen production and carbon sequestration identify just a few.

Search this site for more environment information now.

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nice website
by: Anonymous

It is a great theme you have come up with i must appreciate it. and let it snow section is awesome.

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