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Okay, this is alright. Of course people can understand, but just reading all that words makes me so dizzy. To be honest, I'd rather see more + and - and more numbers rather than you saying, multiply 40 by 7. 40 X 7 = 280

Isn't that better? Somehow, people's attention are focused on these numbers saying 40 is multipied by 7 to get 280. When I first stepped into your website, and when I read your first paragraph, I had this frustration and urge to scroll all the way down.

No, I do not work with graphed data, I mean I do calculus mathematics and A-maths and chemical engineering principles which often requires the conversion of temperature of course, and really,

I think I've gotten used to explanation that are much more specific than sentences. Because in sentences, sometimes some people don't quite get it, I'm not sure why, maybe they've confused it with something else. Anyway, I think it is very reasonable to teach this in internship programs because this will come in handy in the future.

And what's with the Google Adsense being an obstruction to the paragraphs? can't you put them in the many spaces to the right? And the graph about equal area on skew-T, can you make it more clearer, gosh I have to guess what letters and numbers there were.

Otherwise, the content is right. Quite knowledgable.

Good luck on improvements.

Barry's Response - Thanks, Mira, for these web design pointers. When I do my next overhaul on StuffintheAir, this is a group of the things I shall consider closely.

Search this site for more information now.

Thanks for your input...Everyone learns differently.

Some people like detailed explanations, others like simple numbers. Our goal is to find a balance that works for everyone.

Regarding your comment about the ads and the clarity of some graphs, I understand how that can be frustrating when it affects your reading experience.  User experience and website design are important factors to consider, and I'll definitely take your feedback into account.  I hope for everyone's reading experience to be rewarding.

It's great to teach these concepts during internships. Practical experience is the best way to grasp and use these ideas. I'm working on improving the user experience. Thank you for your input, and we hope you keep finding our resources useful.

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