My climate/weather thoughts

by Bobby Pine

this is what TN snow looks like; wimpy. It melts while it accumlates weird.

this is what TN snow looks like; wimpy. It melts while it accumlates weird.

I do believe the climate is getting warmer and I think the weather is becoming much more severe because of this.

Climate and weather are different. The more moisture in the atmosphere means higher precip totals liquid or frozen.

I also think the planet goes through cycles and we are coming back to a cold snowy climate here in the past few years.

I live in Knoxville Tennessee and it doesn't snow much but the past two years; its been colder and snowier here. We haven't seen this since the late 70's and early 80's. December 2010, we have had 3 snow events, not heavy accumulations but each storm it snowed lightly for 2-3 days each with snow depth ranging from 6-10" on the plateau to 4-8" in the valley and 15-40" in the smoky mountains. This is unusual for this time of year.

Our temperatures have been running in the mid 30's for highs to teens for lows. This is 10-15 degrees colder for this time of year. January is our coldest and snowiest month. We usually have a 2 week stretch of sub freezing temps.

In '09 (January), we had 2 weeks of temps in the 20's for highs and lows -1 to 10 above and the rivers froze enough to walk on. In 20 years I never seen this happen.

I'm expecting this January to be even worse and I think sometime before the warm up in March we will get that storm we been dreaming of. Personally, I'd like to see a storm of 6-12" or more hit us. This would be great; I haven't seen snow like that since I left New York in 1990.

I think it's coming and so far this year has the most promising forecast yet. I won't get excited 'til it happens.

Barry's Response - An advocate for huge snowfalls and wintery weather. I like it.

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snow and music
by: ken

I tell what the snow here in Tennessee may have diminished since the 80s and so did the good music, most famous of Nashville aka music city. It beats most of today's music hands down, people's common sense driving in both snow and rain has sadly disappeared too.

Knoxville Snow
by: Anonymous

I am a certified weather spotter for Anderson County, TN. We are located about 25 miles NNW of Knoxville. Last year, I recorded 27.4" for the entire month including that 11-day stretch of sub-freezing temps. This year so far since December 1st, I have recorded 37.4". I have always been told that Feb and March are the snowiest times of the year down here, so I am also anticipating the "big" one before spring.

We shall see what happens,
Jeff Peterson
Skywarn Weather Observer, Anderson County, TN

Barry's Response - Thanks, Jeff, for the info. It's been an interesting year so far.

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