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My ideas about radar

by Josh
(State College, Pennsylvania, USA)

United States Nexrad system

United States Nexrad system

Weather radar forecasting on sites such as weather.com and accuweather.com give me up-to-date information about what to expect when I step out the door to start my day.

This is what I know about radar: The host site sends out I signal which hits "stuff in the air" such as clouds, rain, etc. and bounces back to the host site. From there the system makes a detailed map using that information it picked up.

I still consider radar to be a state-of-the-art technology that I am sure is still evolving and getting better all the time. I always watch the news and weather channel, and their graphics are amazing. It's my number one way to keep track of the weather.

I'm not that tech saavy, but radar seems to be working very well in the fields of airplanes and weather. It's a great way of tracking planes and changes in weather. I really enjoyed your website - I looked around and learned a bit today. Thanks!!!

Barry's Response - Well thank you, Josh. I glad you appreciate it. This website has been growing for over six years now. Radar also allows the cops to detect speeders, incorporating a phase-shift interpretation scheme called Doppler Radar to determine the vehicle speed. But you already knew that. Here's a bit more about the uses and interpretations of Radar in weather and other applications.

Search this site for more information now.

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by: Anonymous

Very interesting. Maybe I should start looking at the radar from now on. Maybe it is more accurate.

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