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by Sara

Future of our Environment?

Future of our Environment?

I think it has been proven that global warming is not just another natural cycle the Earth is going through but is linked directly to the start of the Industrial age. I think we should also discuss more the careless disregard of corporations that rape the enviornment and are the biggest causes of the deterioration of our earth - and figure out why they don't seem to give a damn.

I mean, business won't be good if we're all covered under a flood of melted artic ice, now will it? what people don't also realize is that a rise in global temperature also contributes to the occurence and severity of storms. So if we thought Katrina was bad, and all the damage from hurricans and tornados around the world excessive - it is only going to get worse.

You can't upset the natural balance of earth without there being consequences. We need to start holding corporations responsible for their wate, enforcing industry standards and guidelines in eco friendly production and encouraging people to organize at a grass roots level and boycott companies and manufactuerers that refuse to reduce their toxic outputs.

We should also focuse on enviornmental friendly living in general, including recycling and buyng reusaable instead of disposable products.

Barry's Response - My opinion, though, is that things occur in balance because they have to. In early 2009, for instance, the media focus shifted from environmental concerns to the frightening economy. Over time ecological stories will rise once again to a position of high importance, as they should.

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by: Anonymous

I think concern over nature is an important thing to have. I do think that the concern over global warning has gotten out of hand and shouldnt be our top priority. I think this article was important, but it didnt really intrigue me. I probably would move on to other things...

Care for Nature
by: piscean

I beleive more statistics need to be put in to support the argument that corporations are the major cause for damaging environment. Statements not supported by facts and figures do not amount to much. Would strongly recommend to come up with interesting facts- similar to that mentioned by Al Gore in his site to make the reader more aware about environment.

Barry's Response - It wouldn't be an opinion anymore.

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