natural gas process

by negar
(tehran iran)

Natural Gas Processing

Natural Gas Processing

What do you know about air pollution and natural gas and natural gas process?

Barry's Response - Negar:

The natural gas industry sends quite a bit of pollution into the air. Most of the contaminants come from sulphur contained as H2S in the natural gas before processing. When they clean this stuff out they burn it, it creates SO2 (sulphur dioxide) which is less harmful than H2S but still a problem. A lesser problem is the production and release of nitrogen dioxide, NO2. Here is a brief overview, from a Canadian site.

Please see these two pages for more about how I handle this stuff technically.

Air quality testing and monitoring

Air quality dispersion modelling.

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lpg gas weight measurement and leakage detection
by: prajwal

hi i m prajwal i have do my engineering project on lpg gas leak detection and measuring system and now i have small problem my programing give some problem please give me some suggestion

natural gas
by: Anonymous

i liked the post about natural is very informative and knew quite a few things which i was unaware of.

Natural gas
by: Anonymous

I really enjoyed the article on Natural gas. I never knew about the process. Very interesting.

by: Anonymous

Natural gas is always an excellent topic, especially today concerning the ongoing crisis.

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