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Need for polluton control

by shriran09
(erode, tamil nadu, india.)

Potential air pollution problem

Potential air pollution problem

Today we are in a situation where everyone needs comfort-ability. Due to this comfort all destroying the environment and the nature. This could lead to dangerous consequences. Many of thermal power plants operating causes pollution. As we are the part of environment we should protect the nature air.

We should limit the usage of automobiles and vehicles. We should limit energy consumption and generation from thermal power plants. We should generate the power from renewable resources. All people should unite and work together to control the air pollution. Global warming is the dangerous consequence of air pollution and we control it. The of water level in sea is increasing day by day. Without controlling air pollution it is impossible to survive on earth.

So let us take the oath "to control air pollution"

Barry's Response - This has been a rather contentious area over the last decade or more. People have argued over what the precise cause of global warming is for instance, and whether it is abnormal. Some purport that inconsistent data leads to apparent temperature increases as well. One other thing: some do not even believe it will be that harmful after all.

Whatever. It makes great "grist for the mill." Thanks for your input, Shriran.

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by: Nirmal

The rate of pollution in the world has increased so much that our ozone layer is being depleted as we speak. This should not go beyond a certain level. So it is very essential that every one put an end to this soon.

We are all in this neighborhood together
by: Gerry aka KOTO


I feel as if we need to start in our own back yards first. Let people know that you're doing your best in your neighborhood to leave the place in a pristine condition. Once you are known for setting examples, by walking the walk, then you can talk to the local TV stations and such. Let people in your community know that we all need to clean our own back and front yards before we can make the big boys listen.

We, here at The Pollution Solution Group, are doing our best. Check us out and maybe you will get some good fresh ideas. Good luck to you.

Keepers of the ocean - KOTO

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