Northern California Lumber Industry

by Jeremiah
(Ventura, California, US)

Another one bites the dust

Another one bites the dust

In the Humboldt area, the logging industry has been cutting down old growth trees. However they tend to leave trees by the freeway uncut so that people in the area are not aware that it is occurring.

Barry's Response - is the point to be deceptive, Jeremiah, or is it to make people travelling though the country realize that it is still quite beautiful?

Many would vote with the former. Interesting point, though.

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Its a Shame
by: Recyclist

I really wish people would recycle more often. I do it in my home. But outside of home people just place trash cans out and not recycle bins. This is interesting that people want to be deceptive about whats going on on the other side of the trees. Hopefully they at least re-plant the area. This site is interesting.

by: Anonymous

I agree it is clearly deception. I have seen this in various states across the country. Oh my, let us not upset our citizens! Luckily, I live in North Carolina, where logging is strictly regulated thanks to the "Cradle of Forestry" project.

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by: manoj

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by: Jimjab

Yes, that's pretty straight up an attempt at deceptive image massaging. It reminds me of Battleship Potemkin where all along the river fake signs of industry are propped up to make it seem as though the visitor sees a thriving village. Direct vision really is a powerful persuader!

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