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Not cold when you love it...I mean the climate...

by Adamie Tayara
(Salluit Qc Canada)

Early spring...Nice weather

Early spring...Nice weather

For sure between late October and end of March it is cold. But like before..Not too bad this time because of climate changes?

Barry's Response - for Salluit, in the Canadian Arctic at 62°N and 75°W, data is not easily available. It is one of the most northern populated places in Quebec. Its thousand or so residents must fly in and out if they go anywhere. Some grasses grow on the hillsides, but no trees. The landscape is quite rocky as well.

Tourism here attracts people interested in exploring Inuit culture, experiencing the northern lifestyle, seeing polar bears and conducting research.

According to Environment Canada, the record high for Cape Dorset, several hundred kilometres north, is 25°C in July 1984 and the low is -43 in Dec 1998. They get 144 mm of rain and nearly 3 m of snow each year. The AVERAGE year at Salluit goes like this. This climate data comes from the World Climate Guide (UK) and these temperatures are in Celsius °C.

January High -21 Low -28
February High -22 Low -29
March High -18 Low -27
April High -9 Low -18
May High -2 Low -8
June High 5 Low -1
July High 11 Low 3
August High 9 Low 3
September High 4 Low -1
October High -2 Low -6
November High -7 Low -14
December High -16 Low -23

Cold enough for ya? Environment Canada does provide a weather forecast on this place - https://weather.gc.ca/city/pages/nu-2_metric_e.html

Search this site for more information now.

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Not cold when you love it...I mean the climate...
by: Linda

Its very fantastic write up and its amazing post I would like to share information with all. It is very helpful for me.

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