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Twister Plot Review

Twister Plot Review

Some of the science materials was completely made up, and fake but the acting wasn't bad.

Barry's Response - It was about special effects as much as any storyline. The main characters invent a machine for measuring activity inside a tornado, but the tracers must go inside the funnel. After four dangerous attempts, they get the equipment to work as planned. Of course, we have the obligatory romantic subplot and so forth, but all in all a tolerable story.

Here are some critical comments made from the scientific community about the movie Twister:

  • The makers of the film are not meteorologists. They have not portrayed the supercell storm structure involved in the film to the satisfaction of some scientific critics.
  • Fujita scale ratings are assigned to individual storms only after the damage has been assessed
  • Hailstones are hailstones; random pieces of ice are not
  • Tornadoes normally occur in the afternoon - sometimes before noon but two days in a row would be unlikely.
  • In real life, people would not survive that these characters went through during the movie. Not every person, not every time, for sure.
  • Air moves into tornadoes. Not out.
  • An F5 was predicted in 1969, two years before the Fujita (F 1-5) scale was put into use.

This goes to show there is a difference between an entertaining action flick and a documentary. It was all in fun.

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