Twister Plot Review

Twister Plot Review

Some of the science materials was completely made up, and fake but the acting wasn't bad.

Barry's Response - The storyline wasn't as important as the special effects. Tracers must go inside the funnel to measure activity inside a tornado. They finally get the equipment to work after four dangerous attempts. The story has the obligatory romantic subplot, but all in all, it's okay.

Scientists have some things to say about Twister:

  • The makers of the film are not meteorologists. They have not portrayed the supercell storm structure involved in the film to the satisfaction of some scientific critics.
  • After storm damage is assessed, Fujita scale ratings are assigned
  • Ice pieces aren't hailstones; hailstones are
  • Tornadoes normally occur in the afternoon - sometimes before noon but two days in a row would be unlikely.
  • People wouldn't survive what these characters went through in real life. Sure, not everyone, not every time.
  • Air moves into tornadoes. Not out.
  • F5 was predicted in 1969, two years before Fujita (F 1-5) was introduced.

This shows there's a difference between an entertaining action flick and a documentary. All in good fun.

Search this site for more information now.

Twister is a Hollywood blockbuster, not a scientific documentary, so it should be viewed as entertainment.

While the film did consult meteorologists and storm chasers to capture tornadoes and storm chasing, it took creative liberties to add drama. Some of the science in the movie may not be accurate.

Instead of attempting to represent meteorology scientifically, "Twister" aimed to create an exciting and thrilling cinematic experience around tornadoes and storm chasing.

Fun... get it?

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