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one is bad but two even worse

by sylvia purita
(new york, ny)

This just ain't my bag

This just ain't my bag

I have been recently outraged by the way the supermarkets ignore the impact of plastic bags on the environment. Each time I go to do my shopping I see other people's (I bring my own shopping bag with me) grocery packed in enormous, and by all means not necessary, amount of plastic bags. these plastic bags can be seen everywhere around the supermarket area littering the street, flying in the air, etc. (Think: American Beauty)

I think that it is a good idea, introduced first by state of California, to charge people for each plastic bag they use. Money, as we all know can be very effective tool to motivate people to change their behavior.

Barry's Response - Some cities are now starting to ban these plastic bags. Equally effective might be banning the use of the company's logo or advertising on the outside of these bags.

One retail company in Canada took it upon themselves (back in the 1980's) and started charging customers a few cents for each of these bags. It has been effective to a large degree and could preclude the need for government intervention if all companies did this as well.

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by: Anonymous

I think this is a good article but I don't think there are a problem if you reuse them that is alright. I think there our bigger issues to worry about.

Excellent message, wish there was more info
by: hunksjunk

I loved this article. As an avid user of reusable shopping bags, I couldn't agree more. I liked Barry's response because it gave some valuable information about possible ways to curb the use of plastic bags.

This article does make me want to search further on this website and leaves me wishing the article was longer and more in-depth about plastic shopping bags.

I've recently heard of people that are into the fiber arts (crochet, knitting, etc) that tear their plastic bags into this strips and actually made (by crocheting and knitting the thin strips) their own reusable shopping bags and many other items out of these plastic bags. At least they weren't thrown out!

I agree
by: Diva

I agree, I have bought the new cloth bags that they sell and our local King Soopers will give you .05 cents back if you bring it in. Now, I have to train myself to take the back in. I am about 50/50 now. However, I do recycle the bags that I do use when I forget to take my bags in.

Ban Plastic Bags
by: vishu

It made a positive impression upon not using the plastic bags. It was interesting to know that some organizations have come with an idea of charging money for these plastic bags. This step will certainly decrease the use of plastic bags.

This topic also points towards the safeguarding of our environment. Yeah i would certainly be looking for exploring such a site which depicts environmental issues. I would like to search about some tips about using eco-friendly products.

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