Only one World

by Prakash
(Bangalore, INDIA)

Was there a treeplanter at Work?

Was there a treeplanter at Work?

I feel that should not be an option for any person to say "No" for the question, "Is your environment important to you?"

We have only one world and we have to live in this world and make way and make it clean for our kids and the new generation, we need to push people NOT to pollute our air, water or land, because all these are limited and are not available for any human greed.

I feel we should give 5-6 months time for people to bring down the pollution or else there should be a law to punish them. People do not know that they are polluting in their daily routine, and only if they sit and think what is their routine and how did it contribute to pollution of either land, water or air will they know? Otherwise this will just continue.

There is no classification of whose responsibility it is to prevent pollution - it is the responsibility of everyone in this world. Things that make me angry are: people who talk about pollution and make a procession to create awareness among people that pollution is caused by these reasons and actually do not follow the rules for not polluting. And after the day ends they carry on again on their routine to pollute.

Sometimes even the government, while creating new infrastructure like roads, bridges etc., will chop down trees, but are these trees really being replaced, the government should lay strong guidelines for people who chop down trees to replace them with saplings.

Barry's Response - These things will develop over time. And quicker if we, the public, demand them. Thank you Prakash.

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Help the mother nature
by: Anonymous

thanks for the help to save the mother nature and will be supported for planting. every person shoult do for saving the mother earth

Our Earth
by: Anonymous

I think through this website you doing a great thing.Globalisation makes everything worst in one aspect.This revolution of killing trees will invite the death of our planet

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