Our constantly changing planet

by Ariel M
(Oviedo, FL United States)

OUR beautiful planet

OUR beautiful planet

Our planet, as a whole, is more important than anyone could realize; our grandchildren could be in danger.

We pollute at a increasingly excessive rate that could have us extinct far earlier than expected. Our land, water, and air is be deteriorated and polluted with toxic carbon gases and inorganic human-made gases.

These effect not only the ozone layer, but everything else here on earth. The human race is the most intelligent and obviously most effective species there is. If we can make a difference in the quality of air we breathe, we can make it for the better.

On a positive note, we have developed technology to make our earth 'green' and be pro-life for our grandchildren. Our technology has allowed us to slow down the destruction rate, all we need to do is inform the ignorant and give the people the knowledge they need to help. This is everyone's problem, because each and everyone of us contributes to pollution everyday.

Organizations to promote being green have already been in the rise, all we need to do is learn how to contribute and then do so. Ignorance is destroying us! It sickens me to see people be so careless about our earth, and we need to make a difference starting now!

Barry's Response - Don't you know it, Ariel. We can fix it. We can because we are programmed for success. I believe we are winners! We can do anything. It's just a matter of educating ourselves and getting on track.

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Thought provoking
by: Nyla

Recently, I have read somewhere that, within 12 years earth would be facing a mini ice age. But, I wonder how that would be possible with this rising global warming issues. Anyways, earth’s climate is fluctuating these days and weather has become unpredictable.

by: Sandi

Hmmm, I agree. There is pollution and we in the USA are working to reduce our output, however the cost to the average American to buy "green" is too high. Our government spends an outrageous amount of money to "help" people in need (welfare, health programs, debt relief etc) instead of putting it where it needs to go.

constantly changing plannet

Ariel M has shared the concern for planet's future. Pollution threatening the future. Equally technology provides alternative to safeguard the future.

Barry is assuring for Greener and safer planet.

by: Rashmi

It's very true that the world we live is being polluted to the "core" by us, and the future generation will be in a problem if it continues like this. It is an informative article and everyone should read more of this kind so that a global awareness dawns upon people and everything falls back in shape. So that it world becomes a better place for our grand children to live in a future day.

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