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by Nicky

Flying away

Flying away

Only comment I have is that a whole lot of people are tired of our weather being done by these planes. Chemical trails they call it. A person has to be blind not to see it. It is all I hear all day,and all I see in the sky.

Now if all us little humans are not blind to this,why are you?

Barry's Response - Maybe someone lives in a no-fly zone or somewhere that is cloudy all the time...

Anyway, contrails, the elongated vapour trails left behind by aircraft, look like a serious pollution problem way up high in the troposphere. However what you see is hot water vapour that has condensed (into visible steam) quickly after contact with the cold surrounding air.

What else is in those contrails? Carbon dioxide, particulates (smoke) and trace amounts of products of incomplete combustion, including uncombusted hydrocarbons, oxides of nitrogen, carbon monoxide and, perhaps, dioxins and furans.

Do they impact climate? Nobody can no for sure, however no planes in the USA were flying for 3 days after the September 11 attacks. Analysts looked for changes in data during that period and found greater changes in daily temperatures than usual. They also found possible natural causes for that to occur, so the project remains inconclusive.

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