Pollution - An end to the world

by Saravanan
(Hyderabad, Andra Pradesh, India)

Smoke Emissions

Smoke Emissions

Pollution - the term became very scary these days. As population gets increased the rate of pollution too increase aggressively at a very great phase.

The ozone layer and glaciers are getting depleted day by day and giving us a sign of warning. Still there are people who throw the garbage and toxic waste on the roads without minding the effects.

Alas ! the vehicles at the traffic signal eliminates smoke like clouds in the sky. Can't they put off the vehicle for moments till the green light pops up ? It's so frightening to think the condition of the upcoming generation.

Everyone should start thinking of green revolution. People need to use eco friendly products. Enough awareness to be spread among illiterates.

Adulteration in petrochemical products too creating a menace to the environment. Government in each country should take enough steps to prevent pollution. People who doesn't follow it should be severely penalized.

Barry's Response - These are trends that are just beginning (ideas are embryonic). We shall see them develop over time while new problems crop up. They always do. Thanks for you input, Saravanan.

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on so
by: Anonymous

the thing is that people just do not care and the only way to save the planet is not by reciclying etc because that is too less damage reversing. the way is for at least 1 billion people to die or shut down toy factiries i meani made my own toys and i am a 2000s kid. or if there will be a major disaster somewhere people will wake up

Barry's Response - Woody and Buzz would be disappointed.

by: Puneet

People don't know they are digging their own graves. I pray to God whoever is responsible for aggravating pollution levels should suffer a painful death. Anyhow, Time is Nearing for us all. Forests are being cut off in the name of development. Wild animals are vanishing. Oceans are full of plastic waste. No clean place left now on this planet. Doomsday approaching. A Harsh Reality.

by: maggie

That is indeed a good that you have shared here. The rate of pollution these days is so fearful and in an alerting manner. Even after taking so much preventive and control measures against the pollution, we are not yet able to bring it under control.

Air Quality Statistics

by: Anonymous

i agree with all you say ,world is not aware of what poison environment is doing to us too busy tooing and froing.must be taught about in shools

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