Pollution from Above

by Shane Crawford
(Auckland New Zealand)

Pollution from Above in the year 2025

Pollution from Above in the year 2025

If we don't change our ways soon, life as we know would be unbearable. Here's an idea: Why don't everybody plant a tree every year for the next 20 years (that's 6 billion people planting trees) as trees absorb Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Mono-Oxide thus releasing Oxygen.

Then we can reduce "Global Warming" by ridding ourselves and our planet of old vehicles and replacing them with new energy efficient Hybrid Vehicles as well. It will also save you money on fuel costs.

Barry's Resposnse - Thank you Shane. We need all the insight (pun intended) we can get. For a bit more about trees and global warming see the Global Warming and Rainforests webpage.

Here's an interesting question. What do trees tell us about the history of global climate change? The science of Dendroclimatology, where researchers analyse the characteristics of tree rings, can tell us a lot about the conditions that have occurred during the life of the organism.

The most obvious tell-tale sign is the relative width of the rings. Wider ones point to years with the best growing seasons for that specimen and narrower rings inform us of the harsher years.

This can give us a good clue on a grand scale when varying species of tree are examined at different geographic locales, and compared to other methods of natural climatic record-keeping (such as soil layers and ice-core samples).

Generally speaking, environmental science becomes more interesting and revealing when multiple disciplines contribute data to a single problem and this is just one example.

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