practical global warming experiment

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Sublimation example

Sublimation example

okay so umm....I have a science assignment due on Global Warming that has to be experimental and so I've looked at this and other websites as well but it talks about "ICE CAPS MELTING" or "TREES GETTING CUT DOWN" and so I can't show those things.

I am not going to Arctics for one experiment or I am not going to cut down a tree just for my assignment. I need something that has to do with Global Warming and something that I can show.

I need this within a week from today. Thank you if you help me.

Barry's Response - Let's see...It has taken GW a handful of decades to take the effect we have seen so far...What can we do about it in a week.

I would recommend you watch An Inconvenient Truth and see what broad ideas you can get from there. Or see if you can scientifically comment on the political and social implications of this issue. Might be fun.

One simple thing you can do over a limited time-frame and observe over a few days would be to see the effects of one of the most-feared changes associated with global warming. Too much or too little water in certain regions. An option could be to take three identical houseplants, under watering one (or not at all), overwatering the second and taking care of the third to use as a control specimen.

Note your expectations and observations and see how they compare. It will point out one of the major reasons this climate change is undesirable to those in agriculture. As with any science experiment, document it so that someone else could repeat it and get comparable results.

Search this site for more information now.

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