presentation on my science project

by gugu

An institution in itself

An institution in itself

i remember when i had to make a presentation on my science project.. i was on the 5th grade.. and it was about a volcano...hehh.. Good job with the posting.

Barry's Response - Gugu, the good old volcano. It remains popular because kids love its relative easy way to make a "presentation on my science project".

So how does someone build this classic from scratch and demonstrate it proudly? Prepare yourself a cone using paper mâché or clay. Make sure there is a crater at the top, a hole for fluid elements to flow from. Place a container in the hole and secure it in place with a seal so that a flow of liquid does not damage the volcano.

Place a good dose of baking soda into the container. Prepare a good supply of vinegar; add red food colouring to give it that special effect.

Have a brief explanation of what occurs in a real volcano ready for the moment of demonstration. Hit the high points with your talk, make it interesting and factual and rehearse it well. Pour the vinegar into the spout at the perfect moment, the dramatic high-point of your talk and watch the effects.

Every science fair has at least of one of these demonstrations. They are quite easy and show the point very well. Make a good point.

Here's what's really important with this one. You will score better if you can make it unique. How? Enticing speech is one thing. Music might be another. Extra eruption power might attract attention. Maybe try Coke and Mentos instead. That might be fun.

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Where is the experiment
by: Anonymous

How was project done?

What were the results?

by: Anonymous

Very interesting. I have never done something like a volcano for science project. Great choice.

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