by Fernando manuel
(carletonville,gauteng,south africa)

Saving it

Saving it

If only people could understand the damage that they cause to our earth, then everything would change. Don't any of you think that by everyone not polluting the earth then it would be like a paradise?

But the problem is today some "morons" pollute just for the fun of it. What I think is the best for the earth is for everyone to stop polluting and to recycle a bit more.

Barry's Response - a bit more? How about a lot more. And even more importantly, the other two R's. Reduce and Reuse. These are really the key to sustainability.

These fit into the hierarchy of waste management strategies according to the Wikipedia page at - with it we can determine which of the strategies should take the highest priority. Sure beats dumping trash into the Pacific Ocean.

Have a look at these ways to handle problems to our earth, as you put it, and see if you agree.

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by: Thomas

I don’t think that, the theory that you have proposed here would work with the people these days. We do have facilities present today, which show the damage we are causing to our mother earth. Still we are ignoring those facts and doing what we have been doing.

geeeese, Seriously?
by: Mark

OK you candyass greeny-weenies, look here!

We have been given stewardship over God's earth. And yes, we could do a lot better job of it! However; whatever percentage of you are for real?

The lion's share are political hacks and megalomaniacal control freaks, using this issue as a front to gain control over energy policy and manipulating industrial regulations to render the U S A virtuously helpless to compete in the global (whatever) market place, economy, society, neighborhood - bla bla FKN bla bla blah!

You idiots make me ill. Don't bother me with all the 'conspiracy nut' crap. If you don't believe me go wave an Obama banner at a Gay Pride event, gullible peons.

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