Protect our vitally important resource

by Erin
(Hoboken, Nj, US)

Uncared-for forest

Uncared-for forest

The rain forests of the world are like the lungs of the planet. They are also home to thousands of species, vital to our eco-system.

With deforestation happening, at alarming rates, around the world, the rainforests are dying. As the forests shrink, so does the amount of rain, causing the earth to literally dry up.

I've been to the rainforest in Puerto Rico and it was amazing. The air was dense and it rained intermittently throughout my visit. I saw vegetation that i have never seen before and the the amount of vegetation was almost magical.

Rainforests such as this need to preserved if our planet has a chance. Deforestation regulations need to be stricter and penalties for illegal cutting need to be enforced.

Stopping the slaughter is only the first step. Planting of new trees needs to be a bigger priority now so the trees can start maturing and contributing to the eco-system before it fails entirely.

Barry's Response - Yes, I would think replenishing is vitally important as well. Thank you for your input, Erin.

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Good as far as it goes
by: Grace

I think most people agree by now that the forests play a vitally important role in maintaining life on Earth; the problem is that there's so much economic incentive to cut them down, and often not a lot of economic incentive to preserve them. Thinking long-term is just something that the business sector, which needs to show profits every month or every quarter, is not very good at. We need both positive reinforcement (incentives for treeplanting and maintaining existing forests) and negative reinforcement (harsher legal penalties for causing environmental damange), if we're going to have any hope of keeping these important places healthy.

My own Opinion
by: David

There is some concern but as everything has a cyclical process when the big home building companies not thriving currently there is not a big housing boom those same companies that use the lumber too build should give back in some way by replanting the trees to be mature for next housing boom so it doesn't affect the climate unfornately the eco-system is affected but for the urbanization of humans it is a must because living on top of each other only creates disease & epidemics & pandemics so there the forests are big enough for plants & animals can survive & create a new habitat!

by: slipsp

At least we live in a world where there is a Green party. Joseph Beuys planted 7000 oaks in Kassel - that's a start, maybe symbolic but something!

common topic
by: Anonymous

now a days basically deforestation is increasing due to many reason like pollution,population and natural disasters .We have to quick steps for curing of our forest otherwise one day no forest will be their which humans as well as animals take steps for deforestation......

What do we do when there are not trees
by: cangel

This blos is very well written. And the picture is worth a thousand words more. It was the first thing that attracted my attention. This blog is an excellent addition to you blogs on rainforsts. The information, especially coming from a personal viewpoint of someone who has seen the devastation, is almost overwhelming. I would definitely read more blogs on this relevant topic.

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