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by jonny

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I am a gcse high school student an right now i am curious. i am wondering if electric cars can solve are problem, because firstly where do we get our power from?

Factories, and these cause fossil fuels to be burnt, and since more electricity will be needed so will more fossil fuels, and since more is burnt more air pollution, so are they really just moving the problem from cars and putting it all into factories?

So when the factories finally have to be shut down because of global warming then what will happen?

So are they just moving the problem but keeping the outcome, or am i missing something,

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Barry's Response - Johnny: No problem. The emissions just keep on coming out, even if they are simply relocated. So, if there ever was a global warming problem, electric cars running on carbon fuel-generated power shall do little if anything to solve it.

Solar power and wind power both offer useful GHG-free alternatives, even if both are a little impractical at this point because of other reasons, such as expense.

Everyone's afraid of nuclear energy. At least it will result in a great reduction of carbon emissions per unit of energy made available for our use, if that's what we really need.

Another interesting alternative to the standard gas-guzzler is the car whose engine is driven by compressed air. Have a look at this.

Search this site for more information now.

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